Making the Connections that Add Up to Success

Using every resource available to engage students early

With a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Management Studies, Leslie knew she wanted a career in the music industry. Ten years later, with a string of music-related jobs under her belt — including being a music reviewer for Apple Music — Leslie was ready to move to the next level. But how?

What she knew was that she wanted a Music Industry master’s degree — one that could be tailored to her area of interest (live events management) and offered internship opportunities. What she didn’t know was how to make that happen — unsure of admission requirements, financial assistance availability and degree specifics to make sure the program fit her needs. Enter Amy, the InsideTrack coach who helped her connect the dots.

Connecting students with the resources they need

When Amy first introduced herself as Leslie’s coach via email, she did so in a way that immediately let this potential student know that she had someone in her corner. “I’m a firm believer in the power of a ‘warm introduction,’” says coach Amy.

“It shows the student that they are important. One of the key areas we focus on is the sense of belonging to a school community and being connected to school resources.”

Leslie’s school, a four-year public university, partnered with InsideTrack for Prospective Student Coaching — a program that supports applicants and even those who are just beginning to explore the institution through all the steps needed to successfully enroll.

In Leslie’s case, her coach was able to answer many of her questions, provide links to additional information, list contact information for financial aid and student accounts, then connect her via email to the Director of the university’s Music Industry master’s program.

InsideTrack Coaches have a variety of resources and faculty contacts at their disposal, all designed to help connect the student to the appropriate people and have their questions answered. As a prospective students move through the inquiry and application process, providing them access to a coach helps them better engage and connect to the school. As a result, potential students get the information they need — and the personal connections they’re looking for — in a quick and easy way that works best for them.

Good for the student, good for the university

Connecting with a prospective student pays off for the school, as well. According to Amy,

“Part of what we can provide to our partners is a collaborative approach that leaves students feeling like they have a team of people committed to their success. In the prospective student stage of the pipeline, this can bolster a student’s confidence in moving forward with an application, and ultimately deciding to move forward with a degree program.”

This ”warm introduction,” as Amy calls it, does more than just show the potential student that there’s a caring partner on the other end, ready to help guide them through the process. “It also shows the client that we are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our shared prospective student.”

Connecting to success

With Amy’s help, Leslie received the exact detailed information she needed to decide her next steps toward a Master of Arts in Music Industry. By working directly with students to achieve their goals and collaborating with college and university partners, InsideTrack Coaches provide seamless support. That personal connection is hard to beat.

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