Is your institution student-ready?

The 2019-2020 Student-Centered University Course Catalog is here — and all yours!

Your students aren’t the only ones heading to class this fall. Just in time for back-to-school, InsideTrack has created a first-ever Student-Centered University Course Catalog, designed to help you and your staff make a positive difference with student enrollment, persistence, completion and career readiness.

In-demand majors to help you build a student-centered university

Within our digital Course Catalog, you’ll find interesting and actionable ideas on how to develop a more student-centered experience at your school. Learn how to build a culture of student support. Find out how to create equitable access to support. Explore ways to make your institution easy to navigate. Discover ways to improve career outcomes. And learn how to support your staff as they support the student experience. Plus, get “required readings” throughout that put a timely, real-world face on each topic. It’s all here, in one comprehensive, easy-to-read guide. 

As you may have guessed, Student-Centered University isn’t a real school — and the courses listed aren’t actual classes. But the catalog is your one-stop shop for lessons and resources on getting your institution student-ready.

Download our Course Catalog eBook “Creating a Student-Centered Institution” and go back to school with a backpack (or briefcase) full of insight.

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