Insights generated by InsideTrack: A student feedback hotline direct to the institution

An InsideTrack Coach asked a student at an online program how she felt about an upcoming paper. She was having trouble getting started, she replied. She didn’t feel she ever got her point across in class discussion, and it was hard for her to formulate ideas. When her coach asked what kept her from contributing in class, she said that a computer glitch prevented her from commenting.

The coach helped her find technological support resources. The student fixed the glitch and got more engaged in class. She turned in the paper and forgot about the problem.

But coaches heard similar stories from other students and shared them with the institution. After the institution enhanced tech support for online courses, student satisfaction and persistence grew.

That’s just one example of how coaching insights can support institutional success. When InsideTrack coaches hear about their students’ challenges, they help find a solution for that particular situation. But they also observe trends and patterns about the student experience that generate insights we pass back to the institution.

It’s like a game of telephone where the message keeps getting clearer. Through InsideTrack’s reporting and analytics, a temporary issue for one student can become the catalyst for an entire program’s lasting improvement.

Our insights boost all kinds of institutions and student populations to better outcomes. Here are four snapshots of InsideTrack’s institutional insights at work.

Institution: Brandman University, an institution serving adult and military-connected learners, partnered with InsideTrack for coaching and Capacity Building.

Insights: Coaching uncovered valuable information about working adults’ educational decisions. To serve this student population, Brandman created a competency-based education program that better prepared adult students for career success.

Institution: InsideTrack provided coaching to admitted students at The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Insights: Coaches discovered that many admitted students did not matriculate because they decided to attend a two-year institution before transferring to UAB. The institution developed a plan to keep these students engaged and ultimately help them successfully transfer.

Institution: Through a partnership with RevUp Montana, InsideTrack coached students enrolled in workforce training programs at two-year institutions throughout Montana.

Insights: InsideTrack Coaches helped RevUp Montana identify student drop reasons and develop support that addressed student challenges, such as technological issues for online students and difficulty balancing work and family commitments.

Institution: Florida State University, a public flagship institution, partnered with InsideTrack for coaching and Capacity Building.

Insights: InsideTrack Coaches helped identify the reasons behind student attrition. With this information, FSU increased persistence and, in doing so, institutional revenue.

And for a school like ours bringing in about 6,000 freshmen a year, by the time we had an 8 percent improvement — that’s $9.6 million dollars in recurring money, year after year, that you could reinvest in student success.”

— Larry Abele, FSU’s provost emeritus.

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