Inside Higher Ed Community College Presidents’ Survey 2017

Inside Higher Ed, in a survey conducted by Gallup, gauged responses from 236 leaders of two-year colleges about topics such as recruitment, the future of free community college and the emerging talent pool for new presidents, among other topics.

“Six in 10 leaders of community colleges say their enrollments have declined in the past three years, including 21 percent who say enrollment is down by 10 percent or more” —Inside Higher Ed’s 2017 Survey of Community College Presidents

The third annual survey of community college presidents seeks to understand how these leaders view the key issues facing two-year institutions in the U.S.

This study addresses the following questions:

  • What proportion of community college presidents report declines in enrollment?
  • What steps are community college presidents taking to recruit more students at their institutions?
  • What do respondents believe are the biggest challenges facing community college presidents at this time?
  • What do presidents believe are the most significant barriers to community college students going on to earn bachelor’s degrees?
  • How do presidents assess the emerging talent pool for future community college presidents?
  • What do presidents predict will happen to the free community college education movement now that President Obama has left office?
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