Hear it straight from a student: “What coaching means to me”

Ask a freshman why he or she decided to enroll in college, and a flood of plans and dreams will likely gush out. Ask them a couple years later, after setbacks and surprises, why they decided to stick around, and the answers may not come as easily.

Not for Nirlange Heriveaux. There’s no doubt in her mind why she continues to thrive at Old Dominion University.

In 2016, ODU partnered with InsideTrack to launch a student success coaching program for freshmen — just in time for Nirlange.

Nirlange’s coach Sherri Watson, director of ODU’s Mane Connect Success Coaching Program, supported her through a difficult transition to college life. Now a junior, Nirlange still credits coaching with helping her become the flourishing campus leader she is today.

Check out the video below, produced in conjunction with ODU, to hear Nirlange talk about how support from her coach transformed her future.

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