Getting students ready for a successful freshman year is a family affair

InsideTrack reveals college tips for parents

For many traditional-aged students, starting college means leaving home for the first time — and bumbling their way through a new set of adult responsibilities. (Anyone else remember using way too much detergent during their first solo laundry expedition?)

But make no mistake, no matter how eager students may be to live independently, parents are still a big part of the college equation. In a recent article in The 74 — a nonprofit, nonpartisan news site covering education in America — Sarah Eustis, InsideTrack’s director of program operations, offered parents a wealth of easy-to-enact tips to help their children find success in and out of the college classroom.

Meet the insider behind the insights.

Q&A with Sarah Eustis, InsideTrack’s director of program operations

Why is this topic important to you?

When people have children, no one gives them a handbook about how to best parent; I simply wanted to provide some guidance to parents of college-going students. This area is so important, because college is hard and should not be tackled alone. At the same time, students need the opportunity to grow and make mistakes on their own. If InsideTrack can support parents in finding that balance of preparing their children to find success in college while allowing them to learn and grow on their own, we have done an important service.

What do you like best about working in student support?

I get to spend my days working with people who deeply care about students and their success, not just in college but in life. How amazing is that?!

What do you want institutional leaders to know about today’s students?  

Whether “traditional” or “post-traditional,” most students today are balancing a myriad of priorities and responsibilities in their lives — but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are automatically well-versed in navigating college. Every single person is deserving of the personal support that allows them to successfully navigate the world of higher education.

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