From One SA Pro to Another: Understanding Obstacles for Success

Have you ever had a student who says “nothing will stop me”?

This is a phrase that many coaches love to hear–at first. Slowly but surely, many coaches find that these students are often the first ones to, well, stop.

An article from Mind/Shift  “Why Understanding Obstacles is Essential to Achieving Goals”  shares research into the dark side of positive thinking:

“All that positive thinking can trick the dreamer into believing she’s already done the work to get to the desired goal, squelching the motivation to actually go after it. Positive thinking alone is not enough.”

Fantasizing about success without an anchor in reality can actually diminish the likelihood of a better outcome. So when this article says, “[positive thinking] has to be done in the right way and in the right form,” what does the “right form” look like?

The researcher in this article put together a cognitive tool she calls WOOP: “wish, outcome, obstacle and plan.”

There is some great stuff in the article as to what WOOP looks like in action. Read the article in full and consider using it in your coaching conversations.

If you find success using this tool, let us know how it goes!  

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