From One SA Pro to Another: Self-Compassion for our Students, Ourselves

Have you ever had a student who was hard on himself or herself?

Research on so-called “self-compassion” by Dr. Kristen Neff and colleagues indicates that people who are able to treat themselves the way they may treat a good friend (with kindness and care) tend to be happier, more forgiving, more resilient and more likely to make progress toward goals.

But being hard on oneself is an easy trap to fall into. This is such a prevalent trait in the student support profession, both in the students coached and in the pros working to support students, that you may recognize some of this in yourself.

So how can you know if you harbor this habit yourself? An infographic from Happify provides the following list of 5 tell-tale signs you may want to work on boosting your self-compassion:

  1. Nothing is ever good enough
  2. Your way is always the right way
  3. You ruminate repeatedly over your missteps
  4. You see things as black and white, with no gray
  5. You have an intense fear of failure

Any of these sound familiar? View the full infographic from Happify to learn more about why science says we need more self-compassion, including a quick 5-step workflow for becoming less self-critical.

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