From One SA Pro to Another: Helping Define Strengths

Have you ever had a student who doesn’t see their own strengths?

Students often can pinpoint their weaknesses but struggle to define their strengths. While we can’t do this for them, we can certainly offer guidance and point them in the right direction for such self-discovery.

So what can you do to students? Review some of the tips shared in a recent MindTools article, “Your Reflected Best Self” to help students working toward recognizing and understanding their strengths. Many times, people have not thought about their strengths and struggle to find language to define them: here is a great list of strengths to give you or your student a place to start.

Here are two ideas for questions to ask a student to bring out what they see as strengths:

“What have you accomplished that you are most proud of?”
What is something you have worked really hard to accomplish?”

As a student support pro, you can then help students tie the hard work it took to achieve these accomplishments to some specific strengths – and help them to see how those strengths and previous experiences benefit them in college and a future career.

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