From One SA Pro to Another: Coaching the Value of Constructive Criticism

Have you ever had a student get frustrated by feedback from an instructor or boss?

This article, “Taking Constructive Criticism Like a Champ” from The Muse and featured in Forbes has some great tips for dealing with constructive criticism–tips you may find useful to pass along to students.

Think about how you receive criticism. Feedback and development is at the heart of what we do as coaches here at InsideTrack, and any support professional is well acquainted with constructive criticism.  It still doesn’t make it easy on us, even with all that practice.

Now imaging students who may be struggling to feel like they belong, and who is not be used to receiving this kind of feedback.

Being vulnerable and open to support is not something many of our students have had a chance to practice. Whatever we can do to help them focus on the opportunities that feedback may bring, rather than panic or get defensive, will help them progress toward their goals.

The article is geared toward professionals in the workplace, but with some context it easily applies to students as well.

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