College & Career Coaching Resources Available to Idaho High School Students

High school seniors across Idaho recently walked across the stage to their future. If you asked them about a post-high school plan, many of them might tell you that they don’t have one. Unfortunately in Idaho, too many students do not successfully complete post-secondary college or career training. How many of those seniors might end up being part of the group of 18- 24 year-olds in Idaho with “some college” and “some student debt” while being under or unemployed?

College and career coaching/advising is a pressing need in Idaho. Counselor workloads are extremely high and they are often pulled away from this important task. While larger schools have counseling staff, small rural school students often have no access to high quality career and college coaching.

The state of Idaho has allocated funding to try and address this issue, and we at PTECH encourage school superintendents and administrators to consider incorporating remote coaching in their schools. Remote coaching can help students create individualized and realistic career plans, whether they live in Boise or Salmon. It can supplement the existing work of hard working staff or provide a remote alternative for rural schools that have minimal resources to help students.

The Idaho PTECH Network has used remote coaching provided by InsideTrack for two years to coach over 400 students all over Idaho. Remote coaching is the only individualized, regular point of contact with our PTECH students in 16 high schools. This targeted approach can really change student’s lives and help them find a career path that is right for them. Students overwhelmingly report that their contact with PTECH has solidified their career plans during the past school year (4.02 average out of 5).

“A crucial part of PTECH that I didn’t know would be so helpful to me is the coaching sessions. I have an extremely busy life and sometimes keeping track of everything can be overwhelming. Hayley, my coach, has provided the questions and life skills I need to find the answers that help me be successful and realize what I really want. Okay I know this is not possible, but I honestly think every student in America should have a PTECH coach like Hayley.”

If you would like to find out more about this unique and innovative solution for Idaho students contact Idaho PTECH Network Executive Director, Alan Millar, directly to learn more.

For more information, contact:
Alan Millar, Executive Director, Idaho PTECH Network
(208) 610-1670

This piece originally appeared in the Idaho PTECH Newsletter, June 2016

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