College Applications:
A tricky process to navigate

Some students struggle once they arrive on campus, but others don’t have guidance so face many challenges completing the application process. Deadlines, transcripts, financial aid, waivers, scholarships and the application itself can overwhelm anyone. Many students have parents or other mentors to offer direction, troubleshoot situations and boost confidence along the way, but many students give up on the process. InsideTrack coaches work with numerous institutions to help applicants through the hurdles of applying to college, getting financial aid, signing up for orientation and making sure every i is dotted and t is crossed.

April, an InsideTrack enrollment coach, helped Tanya navigate a difficult situation that stemmed from a misunderstanding of the difference between deferred and denied. April explained the letter Tanya received meant her application had been deferred due to SAT or ACT scores that didn’t meet the school’s minimum requirements.

This explanation alone changed her college career. Tanya wanted to enter the school’s early childhood education program. She said she loved working in the infant room at her church and had a passion for young children. She expressed interest in a few other area schools because of her mom’s concern for the long distance to her first choice. Neither of Tanya’s two ACT scores met the minimum requirements, but her first score was significantly higher than the second. Hesitant to take the test a third time, April assessed her residency and GPA and told her about a student assistance pilot program. This program’s sliding scale and Tanya’s GPA meant her highest ACT score made her eligible to meet the school’s minimum requirements.

April encouraged Tanya and her mom to visit the school to make sure Tanya felt comfortable would fit in well. Tanya and her mom were both enthusiastic after the visit and committed to making sure Tanya could attend. Over the next four months, they worked diligently with April to overcome a number of hurdles. They worked together to obtain her residency number, get assistance with login issues, provide clarity regarding a health insurance waiver, explain the necessity and process of sending in an official final transcript, normalize first-time college fears, and work through numerous financial aid issues right up until classes began. Tanya felt prepared and begin classes on time.

April did a final check in with Tanya to wrap up coaching and offer last-minute support. Tanya responded with a text saying she had no challenges so far and expressing gratitude for April’s guidance and support. “Thanks for helping me along the way… I really appreciate it!!” Her mother also said how much she appreciated April’s dedication to walking them through the enrollment process.

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