Coaching students — and each other — to better outcomes

As the meeting reminders from a dozen computers chime throughout the office, you join the procession shuffling down to the conference room. Swiping a bagel from the refreshments table, you scan the seating arrangement and choose a spot next to someone you recognize. When the team-building activities start, you do your best to guess fun facts about your colleagues. But office trivia is a little tough when you can’t remember anyone’s name.

Sound familiar?

The student services team at East Mississippi Community College could have found themselves in a similar situation. They were so absorbed in their work supporting students, they seldom had the opportunity to support each other — or even introduce themselves.

“We had to stay in our office and serve students because someone might walk in with a question,” said Laura Damm, EMCC’s student success coordinator.

So when team-building started at EMCC, they started by learning each other’s names. It was important for them to connect as a team; it was the only way they could empower each other to connect more meaningfully with students.

Team-building was one of the first steps in EMCC’s partnership with InsideTrack. Through a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, InsideTrack helped EMCC boost student success by revitalizing its approach to student support. Assessments, training, and help with organizational change enabled EMCC to integrate a sustainable coaching model into their advising program.

Damm joined leaders from Austin Community College and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College — two other colleges working with InsideTrack through a Gates grant — for a webinar discussing how their advising programs adopted coaching practices, and how the shift is already enhancing the student experience.

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