Coach Spotlight: Elliot Billingsley

Supporting the learner as an individual

To the learners he coaches, he’s known as Elliot. To his InsideTrack teammates, he’s known as the “philoso-raptor” — a name they gave him in fun because of his philosophical and passionate love of education. “Coaching is a distillation of what I like most about education,” he says. For the past 18 months, Elliot has been coaching learners working towards certifications in partnership with a healthcare workforce development program. “The InsideTrack coaching model is really effective in supporting students at different stages of their journey — helping them come to decisions on their next steps.” Elliot has a background in education, having spent half-a-dozen years overseas as an English teacher. His philosophy? “The teacher or professor is focused on content and subject knowledge. The coach is focused on supporting the learner as an individual, and helping them move forward.” And for Elliot, getting students from where they are to where they want to be is the most exciting part of all.

“Working with learners has given me an appreciation for how complicated it is to get started with an educational program. I think about the small actions when I work with a learner. Every step is essential for overall success. Small things add up to a big difference.”

— Elliot Billingsley, Enrollment & Success Coach, InsideTrack

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