Coach Spotlight: Catalina Garreton

Artist. Teacher. Coach.

She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. She speaks fluent Spanish. And her favorite part about working with learners is “helping people see and value their potential.” Meet Catalina Garreton, an InsideTrack enrollment coach. “One of the things I really love about InsideTrack,” she says “is the holistic approach to our work — taking care of ourselves, taking care of our students, and taking care of our prospective students.” Catalina currently works with prospective online students at a large, public state university. When she’s not talking to students about their reasons for thinking about attending school or texting answers to questions, you’ll likely find Catalina with a paint brush in her hand. Favorite style? Colorful abstract. Projects she’s worked on? Commissions, live paintings at events, textile design. She teaches art too and has even led Zoom art workshops for InsideTrack staff. Catalina Garreton takes “coaching is an art form” to a whole new level.

“Speaking to learners who are making a huge career shift, finishing school, overcoming tremendous obstacles… to see them gain this confidence to move forward reaffirms my belief in education.”

— Catalina Garreton, Enrollment Coach, InsideTrack

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