Career Support at Every Stage of the Student Lifecycle

Positioning your students for post-graduate career success

Today’s students are more focused on obtaining post-graduation work than ever before, wanting to make sure their college degree translates into a successful career. That’s why it’s critical to incorporate career planning and support at every stage of the student journey. For some, a valuable career support topic may be exploring how an emerging job field is the perfect match for their interests. For others, learning new techniques for networking or building a portfolio could be the boost their career needs.

Resources to share

Whether the students you work with are currently in college, recent graduates or looking to change or advance in their existing careers, InsideTrack has created a downloadable career support eBook to help them plan, find and thrive in their chosen field.

Students learn strategies for acing five of the most-asked interview questions and learn to set themselves up for the job they want. They also benefit from hearing stories from other students who have turned challenging obstacles into career-success outcomes.

The book is filled with simple tips, solid advice and useful information — all designed to help students at every stage navigate their career journey.

Download our eBook “Career Prep at Every Stage of Your College Experience” for simple tips, solid advice, and useful information on navigating any career journey!

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