Admissions Outreach Report: Improving communications with prospective students

How should institutions respond when a prospective student reaches out?

Analysis of 20 online programs reveals competitive outreach strategies and best practices

In today’s ultra-competitive higher education landscape, students have more options than ever. Understanding how your competition goes after those students can be a valuable asset. 

  • How quickly are competitors reaching out to prospects? 
  • What channels are they most often using to engage with prospects? 
  • Which fields on Request for Information (RFI) forms are mandatory and which are optional? 
  • And what value propositions can set an institution apart from the competition?

Our analysis of admissions outreach started by submitting an online Request For Information (RFI) form to 20 different adult and professional degree programs from well-established schools. To ensure anonymity and impartiality, this was done by posing as a prospective student. All of the schools analyzed have an online option and that online option was the focus of this research. Along with the RFI results, a variety of other information was also researched and compiled.

Download our report to get these competitive insights as well as our top five best practices for improving outreach to prospective students.

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