A support network for students in crisis

When health, financial and academic struggles collide

Pain is the body’s way of telling us to take care of ourselves. The throbbing pain she felt after getting her wisdom teeth removed told Joelle, a first-year community college student, that she needed to take care of an infection.

But sometimes the signals coming from stress and emotional pain aren’t as clear. It can be tough to know when we need to reach out, and what help we’ll find when we do.

That’s why every student coached by InsideTrack has access to a team of coaches specially trained to help students through their toughest struggles. The Crisis Student Support (CSS) team provides direct support to all InsideTrack Coaches and their students. PSS coaches can step in when students are in a situation where they feel unusually stressed or overwhelmed, and do not have the personal support that they need.

Joelle’s infection put her behind in school, at a time when mounting bills and personal challenges made it harder than ever to stay focused.

Over a series of text exchanges, Joelle told her InsideTrack Coach Erin what she was facing. Because coaching focuses on everything inside and outside the classroom that can impact student success, Erin provided Joelle with academic support as well as support mitigating financial stressors. She also connected her with an InsideTrack CSS coach.

COACHING TIP: Thorough assessment is key to understanding what’s most urgent and important for the student in and outside of school.

COACHING TIP: Create awareness around available resources for the student.

COACHING TIP: Normalize that “life happens,” and reinforce student’s goals and progress despite obstacles.

COACHING TIP: Check yourself! Limit assumptions by offering multichannel communication options to meet the student where they are.


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