4 Ways Strong Start Coaching Meets Students Where They’re At

The main story coming out of the latest National Student Clearinghouse retention and persistence data is that more students are staying enrolled. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of educators and student support leaders, persistence rates have climbed upwards of 2 percent over the last decade.

But more than 25 percent of students on average are still not persisting to their second year. Those who may not fit the traditional college mold — like post-traditional learners, part-timers and students from traditionally underserved backgrounds — are bearing the brunt of these stop-outs and drop-outs.  

Often, the reasons that lead a student to leave school are set in motion at the very start of the college journey. The first-year experience is the key to ensuring they complete their degrees and continue on to rewarding post-graduation outcomes. Providing proactive support even before classes begin can help students glide over the pitfalls that stall too many first-years.

InsideTrack Strong Start Coaching gives students a firm foundation for education and career success. Here are four ways that Strong Start keeps students engaged, inspired, and on-track with their ambitions. 

1.   Strong Start begins early

By engaging students before they start classes, Strong Start Coaching increases enrollment yield and empowers students to begin their education better-prepared and committed to completion. An early connection to Strong Start Coaching helps students define their educational goals, select the best fit program, connect to campus resources, and develop a plan for completing their studies.

2.   Strong Start stays flexible

Delivered with support from InsideTrack’s uCoach Platform®’s multichannel communication capabilities, Strong Start Coaching gives students flexible options for staying in touch with coaches on their own terms. From phone and email options to texting and in-app communications channels, students can get the support they need, when they need it.

3.   Strong Start supports the whole student

Strong Start Coaching provides students with a holistic support network that goes beyond strategies for academic achievement. Strong Start helps students develop a resilient mindset to persist through times of personal and financial stress.

4.   Strong Start works for every student

Strong Start is a tailored approach that institutions can adapt and continually refine to serve the unique needs of their student populations. Whether traditional or underrepresented, from adult students to distance learners, Strong Start Coaching bridges the gaps that students face in academic and emotional readiness, integration with the school community, and other life balance and financial challenges.

Critical support, how and when it matters most

Strong Start coaches are available to students through one-on-one meetings, text and email exchanges, behavioral nudges and access to self-guided content through the uCoach® Platform.

Institutions that incorporate Strong Start Coaching into their student support services see a reduction in summer melt, ensure that admitted students stay focused and motivated for higher education, and help students develop college success skills that empower them to achieve their goals.

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