#1 Piece of Advice for Boosting Student Success

We know that educators spend most of their time offering support and encouragement to other people. In our work with our institutional partners, we’re continually amazed by the seemingly bottomless stories of guidance student support teams dole out everyday.

In appreciation of this generosity, we’d like to offer our own collective pool of wisdom. Our coaches and coaching trainers are dedicated to supporting the teams who support student success. We invite you to dip into the insights and best practices we’ve compiled along the way.

Here’s advice from the InsideTrack team on how to boost student success.

Take time to ask students questions — and truly hear their answers

“Stop and listen. There’s a story behind every student. Listen to that student’s story. Let the student be heard. Just being heard can solve a world of hurdles.” — Brad

Inspire your staff and keep them connected to your educational mission

“Make sure everyone along the student journey from inquiry to registration is aligned on the goals of the institution and is really clear about the ‘why?’. When anyone along the student journey is feeling irritable about prospects or students, it’s a good time to stop and reassess to see if everyone is clear what the goals are and to make sure that journey is set up to support students.” — Jenn

Find out what success means to your students

“Know your students! Hold student focus groups and find out from students what makes your institution desirable, what barriers do students face, what do students feel they need most to be successful. How are students thriving at your institution?” — Erin

Seek out opportunities to build community

“Create a team of current students who have “been there, done that” to be mentors and guides to students.” — Ron

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