Penn State Introduces EdTech Network

In an effort to further incorporate technology into a Penn State education, the university is introducing a new EdTech Network, a resource that promotes educational technology by providing an opportunity for collaboration between entrepreneurs and companies and students, faculty, and staff. As part of the creation and implementation of this network, Penn State will host a summit from November 2-4 where those who specialize in educational technology will have the opportunity to attend.

“We are pleased to announce the creation of the EdTech Network and host the inaugural summit at Penn State,” said Craig Weidemann, Vice President for Outreach and Vice Provost for Online Education. “The summit will provide an opportunity to discuss transformational ideas, products and services designed to advance teaching and learning. The long-term goal of the network is to grow the educational technology sector at Penn State, within Pennsylvania, and beyond.”

The EdTech Network is a part of President Barron’s Invent Penn State initiative, a $30 million investment that looks to turn entrepreneurial ideas into useful products and programs that drive the local economic community. Additionally, the program aims to take the size and reach of Penn State and apply these benefits to drive both job production and student career success.

The creation of the Network also includes a partnership with Penn State’s World Campus, as well as InsideTrack, a student success organization that supports colleges and universities in improving student enrollment, completion, and career readiness. The partnership includes a four-year agreement between EdTech and InsideTrack that will create positions for six full-time employees and four student interns to an office on campus.

“The expanded partnership with InsideTrack is the first step towards creating a network of select companies with innovative technology solutions to work with us to develop environments that will help students succeed,” said Rose Piccioni, Director of Penn State’s EdTech Network.

This article originally published in Onward State, August 2015.

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