One goal. Infinite impact.

Improving one student’s experience in school and chance of success can have a lifelong impact on not just that individual, but on greater society. That ripple is why we do what we do.

InsideTrack is passionate about student success. We partner with colleges and universities to improve enrollment, persistence and career readiness. Since 2001, we’ve directly supported more than 2 million students, from traditional to adult, part-time to full, online to on-ground, and including military-connected, first-generation and underrepresented students. We currently serve more than 4,000 programs.

Our student support methodology is designed to uncover firsthand insights about students’ goals, challenges and journeys. Through training, development and direct student coaching, we help institutions put those insights into action. With an unwavering focus on improving student outcomes, we work with our partners to identify program strengths, break through organizational silos, and create a more student-centered experience that enhances the lifelong success of every learner.

Our Envisioned Future

InsideTrack’s mission is to unlock the potential in millions of individuals and organizations by implementing student success programs that improve educational outcomes.

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A member of the nonprofit
Strada Education Network

We became a member of the Strada Education Network in 2017, joining a nonprofit organization committed to forging stronger pathways between education and employment. Through a network of affiliate partners and a robust research program generating new insights about today’s higher education and career landscape, Strada offers a range of resources and solutions that help learners, institutions and employers achieve their goals.

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Nonprofit Status — Next Step in Pursuing Our Mission

Our new nonprofit status is reflective of the type of organization we have always been — one focused on driving positive social impact through the transformative power of education. It will also enable us to further our mission by facilitating new types of partnerships with educational institutions, philanthropic organizations and others seeking to expand educational and career opportunities.

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Powered by what’s possible

We’re guided in our work by our core values:

  • Abiding optimism in human potential
  • Open and transparent integrity
  • Dedication to sustainable impact

At the heart of all of our solutions is a commitment to better understanding the aspirations and experiences of today’s students. We work with institutions to turn those insights into meaningful transformation that reduces obstacles to success and generates a lasting impact on students, their families and their communities.

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Our leadership team

Meet the executives leading our effort to unlock the potential of individuals and institutions.

Ruth Bauer White


Kai Drekmeier

Founder and Chief Development Officer

Steve Ast

Senior Vice President - Partner Success

Meaghan Joyce

Vice President - Solutions

Cheryl Marshall-Petricoff

Senior Director - Marketing

Joe Donato

Senior Vice President - Human Resources

Riikka Marr

Vice President - Finance

Melanye Thompson

Vice President - Operations

Advisory Board
Our Advisory Board lends their experience, perspective, and wisdom to help us create more success stories.
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We invest in the best. Meet some of our team.

The lifeblood of InsideTrack is our people. We believe in lifelong learning, we’re big on freedom of expression and we encourage each other to innovate and create new ways to meaningfully improve peoples' lives.

Amy Shackelford

Associate Vice President Partner Success

Wakashan West

Associate Vice President Partner Success

Jodi Rafkin

Success Coach

Malika Clinkscales

Associate Vice President Partner Success

Carrie Lockhert

Associate Vice President Partner Success

Emilia Gilroy-Sander

Success Coach

Hayley Kimble

Success Coach

Jessica Hector

Associate Vice President Partner Success

Lisa Thompson

Success Coach

Mike Embry

Associate Vice President Partner Success

Tina Jones

Success Coach

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