Leading Higher Education Association Partners with InsideTrack to Improve First-Year Student Outcomes

WASHINGTON, D.C. (DEC. 15, 2016) — Through its partnership with the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AACSU)’s Reimagining the First Year of College (RFY) project, InsideTrack, the nation’s leading provider of student success coaching, is excited to offer customized enrollment, retention and  capacity building solutions focused on improving student success to the 44 participating AACSU member institutions.

Given that 20 to 40 percent of students at public institutions do not return for their second year, improving first-year persistence is crucial for improving college completion and helping all students maximize their potential. To help solve this major challenge, AACSU launched one of the largest projects in the association’s 50-year history last spring, aimed at helping its member institutions adopt innovative and proven approaches to transform the first-year experience and improve student outcomes.

Non-cognitive skill development, including time management, critical thinking, and self-advocacy, has been identified as a key factor in ensuring student success. InsideTrack’s coaching programs directly address these non-academic skills and are proven to increase persistence and completion, while generating valuable insights for institutional leaders and staff. As part of the RFY project, InsideTrack is offering a variety of coaching and consulting solutions, including:

  • A coaching program to bridge the gap from admission to matriculation, ensuring students arrive prepared for strong start, with the right skills and connections to campus resources and community;
  • A coaching program to re-engage and re-enroll students who stopped or dropped-out during their first year and prepare them to overcome obstacles and complete their credentials;
  • A detailed analysis and report on the institution’s strengths and opportunities, with actionable recommendations to maximize existing advising, coaching, and mentoring programs.

Over the last 16 years, InsideTrack has coached more than 1.3 million students and supported more than 1,600 programs across the nation in improving student outcomes, including AACSU RFY member institutions Indiana University (IU) East and Indiana University Kokomo.

“InsideTrack’s approach to coaching students closely mirrors the retention model we work with in University College, pairing academic support with the non-academic skills that teach students to manage their personal commitments and promote self-advocacy,” said Carrie Reisner, Executive Director of University College, IU East. “Our partnership with InsideTrack has allowed us to gain deeper insights into the challenges that our students are facing outside the classroom. We are especially concerned with first generation and low-income students and have seen positive results with these populations so far.  It is exciting to see AASCU partnering with InsideTrack to allow more campuses to provide this level of support to their students.”

“As colleges and universities strive to promote better educational achievement outcomes for students from increasingly varied backgrounds, feeling confident that we are applying knowledge about student success in a meaningful, impactful way is a challenge,” said Christina Downey, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Student Success, IU Kokomo. “It’s the normal-curve problem: We learn from research that on the whole, approach X works better than approach Y, but what about for the students at the extreme ends of the tail — how are they responding to our efforts, and what needs do they have that we are not seeing?  InsideTrack has been a valued partner in approaching this problem.  Their individualized, close-touch approach meets the student where they are, and helps us understand the multiple factors that impact our students’ progress.  We are excited to see the AASCU-InsideTrack partnership, and see it as recognition that we need to keep both levels of analysis before us when we seek to expand student success.”

Using an adaptive coaching methodology and specialized technology platform, InsideTrack coaches provide 1:1 personalized development and support for students through in-person meetings, text messages, emails, phone calls, apps and more. To learn about the RFY-specific offerings, please visit http://info.insidetrack.com/rfy-reimagining-the-first-year.

About InsideTrack
InsideTrack is passionate about student success. Since 2001, we have been dedicated to partnering with colleges and universities to create adaptive coaching solutions that generate measurable results. These solutions combine professional coaching, technology, and data analytics to increase enrollment, completion, and career readiness. Our adaptive coaching methodology is based on the latest behavioral science research and knowledge gained from working with more than 1.3 million students and 1,600 programs. In combination with our  uCoach® Platform, our approach optimizes student engagement and generates valuable insights on the student experience through predictive modeling, behavioral analysis, and multichannel communication. Join us and the leading institutions, foundations, and others working to bring the transformative power of education to all individuals. Visit us at www.insidetrack.com and follow us on Twitter @InsideTrack.

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