InsideTrack Training Provided to CASC Employees, and Academic Coaching Put to Practice with CASC Baseball Team

Carl Albert State College

The Native American Serving Nontribal Institutions (NASNTI) program at Carl Albert State College provided InsideTrack Training for employees September 5thand 6th at both Poteau and Sallisaw campuses.   According to NASNTI Project Coordinator Micky Solomon, 31 CASC employees have been introduced to and practiced the coaching model.  She explained, “This is an excellent training to prepare employees as they work with students to assist with all areas of academic need.”

Participants in the training are introduced to an overview of the coaching model used by NASNTI.  During the training, employees participate in a group coaching exercise to give each individual real life practice with the coaching techniques.  InsideTrack is a coaching model-holistic approach seeking to engage students in the teaching/learning process and encourages personal and collective responsibility.

Solomon illustrated a recent group/individual coaching exercise that used the basics of InsideTrack.  “CASC head baseball coach Tyler Guthrie worked with us to give members of the CASC baseball team academic support starting the first day of the semester.   Guthrie shared that he wants to help CASC student athletes reach their full potential on and off the field, so that is where academic success coaching comes into play.”   Solomon continued, “There are a variety of ways InsideTrack techniques are used, including working with students to see and understand their own strengths and challenges in order to know how to seek any support needed.  Student motivation and willingness to ask for help are also key aspects of InsideTrack, and with academic coaching in place, structure and accountability for students to follow through is a great resource.”

During the beginning of the semester, NASNTI staff members Solomon, Regan Huff and Brad Davis have provided members of the baseball team with group and individualized academic coaching that included algebra assistance.   NASNTI professional tutor Susan Hill helped students from Comp I class with proofreading, and the athletes received assistance signing up for free tutoring that is available to all CASC students through Upswing.  Solomon added, “The library staff plays a vital role with all our academic coaching. CASC library staff members Terri Carroll, Tonya Sutton, and Denise Davis are important partners in the academic coaching we conduct through InsideTrack.”

For more information or assistance, the NASNTI program is located in the Student Success Center in Hemphill Hall.

For more information, visit the InsideTrack site.

This article originally appeared here on September 07, 2017

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