Bacone College is fastest growing college in Oklahoma, Fall 2016

Bacone College Campus News

Bacone College was recognized as the fastest growing college in Oklahoma this fall in a report released by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.

The Fall 2016 Enrollment Survey for Higher Education shows Bacone with the highest jump in new student enrollment compared to 2015 at 145.5 percent. No other college, public or private, saw such a large increase. In addition, Bacone saw a 19.8 percent increase in total enrollment.

Bacone’s Vice President of Student Affairs Kindle Holderby said the dramatic increase is thanks to the campus community as a whole. “President (Frank) Willis has created a student-friendly culture that the faculty, staff and students have all bought in to,” Holderby said.

Bacone saw the largest jump in three areas – Business, Sports Management and Criminal Justice. “I attribute this to the outstanding faculty we have in those areas and their willingness to connect with potential students about their degree programs,” he added.

As part of Bacone’s commitment to its record-breaking freshman class, several retention efforts are taking place this semester. Every Native American student has been assigned to a retention cohort.
This cohort is headed by a director who has several upperclassmen who are student coaches. In addition, Bacone has partnered with InsideTrack to provide student coaching to a select group of freshman students.

Bacone College is a four-year, liberal arts, private college with a historical mission to serve Native Americans in a diverse, Christian environment.

This originally appeared in Bacone Campus News on November 28, 2016

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